AWP 2013: the round and round and round up

Tyler Meier
March 11, 2013
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Thanks to all for the great AWP ’13 experience!  Boston tried to act all wintry, but our shoes would have none of it.  Do you know what it is like watching 11,000 writers trying to leap over slush puddles at each Back Bay intersection?  It is a curious phenomena, and it is beautiful in an earnest, entirely non-athletic way.  You could feel the concentration lifting off the foreheads of the many, and you could share in the joy of the stuck landing.

We had a great time meeting many of you, and really look forward to the chance to meet many more of you in the future, especially at: AWP 2014, the Sleepless in Seattle edition.  Here are some quick pictures from the weekend for those who couldn’t make it:

Our booth

Our booth, complete with our new line of tote bags and featuring back issues, the JUST released Spring ’13 issue, and our giveaway–those notched sticks for holding up your e-reader of choice (you can see the iPad standing this way, showing off the formatting for our new mobile website…)

David and David

Two Davids, no Goliaths in sight, but they were ready.  Each AWP nametag can double as a serious slingshot…

Table Shot

Another shot of our table, sporting the excellent, with a closer-up shot of our giveaway.


KR editor at large Lewis Hyde signed for us Friday morning–special thanks to Random House and FSG for supporting us with copies of his books, which we gave away for free Friday morning when readers subscribed to KR.

Spring '13 issue signing

A highlight for us! We launched the just released Spring ’13 issue of KR at the conference by assembling as many of the writers as we could on Friday, at 4pm. Here you can see contributors Solmaz Sharif, Aisha Gawad, and KR editors David Baker, Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky, and KR Fellow Natalie Shapero. Plus lots of new friends picking up the issue.

Spring13 issue signing1

More contributors to the Spring 13 issue, including Leah Falk, Carol Frost, Aisha Gawad, Chinelo Okparanta, Amina Gautier, Nona Caspers, and Clay Matthews. This was a really special hour.

It was real, Boston.  Thanks for the memories.

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