Mix Tape: Do the Right Thing

Maggie Smith
September 27, 2012
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“Two questions: 1) Do you submit work (poetry, fiction, or nonfiction) to literary journals? 2) Do you subscribe to any literary journals? If the answer to Question 1 is ‘yes’ and the answer to Question 2 is ‘no,’ then we have a problem.

We Represent the 47 Percent—a collection of open letters to Mitt Romney from Erin Belieu, Mark Wunderlich, Juliana Baggott, and many others.

In 1986, poet Ted Hughes wrote this letter to his 24-year-old son Nicholas, 23 years after the suicide of his wife Sylvia Plath and 23 years before Nicholas’s suicide.

Parul Sehgal, an editor at The New York Times Book Review, on the power of books.

Over at Talus, or Scree, check out this conversation with John Gallaher, who is editing and selecting Michael Benedikt’s Selected Poems from five published books and a briefcase full of Benedikt’s papers.

Another gem from Indiana Review: Five reasons why poems get rejected.

In an earlier post, Mix Tape linked to poet Nick Ripatrazone’s article encouraging MFA graduates to consider teaching high school. Another option, says Hope Mills, is working at a creative agency.

2 thoughts on “Mix Tape: Do the Right Thing

  1. Thank you for your post of September 27. Last week, I submitted a piece to a literary journal for the first time. Today, at your suggestion, I have purchased a subscription to the journal for my son. For no good reason I had in my mind separated subscribers from writers.

  2. No doubt it began in the small “towns” when dormitories were built to hospitalize the “invalids” until they were disposed of and party troops were housed there; then the party officers would park in the “handicapped” spaces as was planned in small town that were obscure to cities where such small events went unnoticed.

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