Got Something Submittable? KR’s New Submissions System Launches September 15th

Tyler Meier
August 7, 2012
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The Kenyon Review is pleased to announce that starting with the 2012-13 reading period, we will switch to the submission system for our regular submissions and for all contest entries. We hope this change will improve the submission experience, and allow submitters who use the system for other magazines to manage all their submissions from one account.

Submitters who already use will be able to submit from their existing account; KR submitters who don’t currently use will need to make new account with them, even if they already had a prior KR submissions account. The accounts are free, and submissions to The Kenyon Review remain free. We’re excited to read your work!

In 2012-13, we will accept submissions for the print magazine and KROnline from Sept. 15th-Jan 15th. Our submission guidelines remain unchanged from the 2011-12 reading period; you can find our guidelines here. Thanks for your interest in The Kenyon Review!

2 thoughts on “Got Something Submittable? KR’s New Submissions System Launches September 15th

  1. Tyler! I saw you perform at Sole Repair one year and five days ago. You sent me your poetry. It would be a shame to go any longer without hearing another performance. A crying shame.

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