Mix Tape: Weapon of Mass Instruction

Maggie Smith
June 28, 2012
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“The Book That Can’t Wait” demands your immediate attention—not necessarily because of its content but because it was printed using disappearing ink.

Wait…what was that book again? The one with the girl and the older man? You know, and he keeps his first wife in the attic?

Argentinian art-car maker Raul Lemesoff drives around the streets of Buenos Aires in his Arma De Instruccion Masiva, or Weapon of Mass Instruction, distributing free books to anyone who asks for one.

When you want to spark creativity, head to a coffee shop, not the library. Here’s why.

Poets, check out this list of things you can do “to stay in a poetic state of mind all day, every day.”

It would be impossible not to stay in a poetic state of mind in The Minister’s Treehouse.

From the sublime to the ridiculous: Kristen Wiig reads the poetry of Suzanne Somers.

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