Mix Tape: Reinvention

Maggie Smith
May 17, 2012
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Is the “well-crafted” poem of today formulaic? According to Marjorie Perloff, yes. “The poems you will read in American Poetry Review or similar publications will, with rare exceptions, exhibit the following characteristics….” Check out this Boston Review article to see what those characteristics are.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Meet Pentametron, a robotic Twitter account that turns tweets into metered poems.

A new study from researchers at Ohio State shows that reading about a fictional character can make us begin to emulate that character. Quick—put down The Shining and pick up something sunnier!

Check out this list of the ten most read books in the world. Disheartening much?

Charles Simic on why he still writes poetry: “The kinds of poems I write—mostly short and requiring endless tinkering—often recall for me games of chess. They depend for their success on word and image being placed in proper order and their endings must have the inevitability and surprise of an elegantly executed checkmate.”

Graphic designer Karen To brings back obsolete words with creative typography.

Thirty inventive bookshelves that prove that you can set books on just about anything.

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