Mix Tape: The New Year (“So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different”)

Maggie Smith
January 5, 2012
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Helen Vendler goes after The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry, edited by Rita Dove. “Multicultural inclusiveness prevails: some 175 poets are represented. No century in the evolution of poetry in English ever had 175 poets worth reading, so why are we being asked to sample so many poets of little or no lasting value?” Ouch.

The 30 harshest author-on-author insults in history…perhaps only bested by the top 30 harshest musician-on-musician insults in history. You had to know Morrissey would be a major player here.

Sorry, Hemingway. It’s safe to say that “gin-soaked abusive monster” qualifies as an insult. Still, it’s better than “tequila-soaked abusive monster,” right? The new year is all about optimism.

25 things writers should stop doing in the new year.  Maybe insulting other writers should be tacked on as #26?

Proposed #27: Brush up on those query letters, lest you make a fool of yourself.

Proposed #28: Find a way to make money as a writer…one way or another.

Proposed #29: Read a poem a day, perhaps starting with this one by W.S. Merwin.

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