The Kenyon Review Allows Multiple Submissions!

Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky
September 7, 2011
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Starting September 15th, The Kenyon Review and KROnline will allow authors to submit their work simultaneously to KR and to other publications as well. “We recognize that writers are reluctant to see their stories, poems, and essays limited to one journal at a time,” said Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky, associate editor of The Kenyon Review. “As a writer myself, I know how frustrating it can be to have my work tied up for six or nine months, sometimes even longer.”

Traditionally, many publications have required exclusive submissions, mostly as a result of limited staff and the intensive time commitments required to consider thousands of manuscripts. Recently, the prevalence of online submissions has encouraged writers to send their work to more than one publication. The new policy by KR will make the entire process more transparent and welcoming.

“We want to encourage writers to send us their very best work,” Lobanov-Rostovsky said. “We are willing to commit the time and resources to reviewing them as quickly as possible.”

3 thoughts on “The Kenyon Review Allows Multiple Submissions!

  1. As poems get written infrequently, it is painful to have them tied up for 4months to a year. as I pointed out to one Journal, I’m not a prolific writer, and this just isn’t fair! ASM

  2. Among the creative industries, I know of no other that expects sole consideration of an artist’s work. As a model for attracting the greatest and broadest talent, the solo-submission clause simply doesn’t work.

    The fact that editors are overloaded doesn’t inspire much sympathy from the “literary” talent who are generally unpaid and laboring in anonymity. If we ever wish to escape the broad perception that “literary” writing is the product of bourgeoisie hobbyists, our publishers must stop behaving like boutiques. The wider the doors, the larger the crowd.

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