This Year I Rewrite My Novel???Part XXIII, Your Wounds and the Wounds of Your Ancestors.

Nancy Jooyoun Kim
November 24, 2010
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In Seattle, we are both jokingly and non-jokingly in something we call SNOWPACOLYPSE 2010.

This means that it’s cold and flakey outside. Because we are hilly, cars slip and slide and people regret wearing their Frye boots.

If you go to REI, mittens are flying; people ravenously look for the hand-equivalent of a “soulmate” in a glove.

Am I more Polartec or SmartWool?

Furrowed brows, everywhere.

I am proudly wearing a pair of Uggs, the kind of boots that Cosmopolitan magazine says men don’t find sexy. But in my mind, there’s nothing sexier than my feet wrapped in sheep fur, people.

My toes wriggle around and feel like they’re massaging the back of a very calm ewe.

It’s been a while, dear Reader, and here I am, using my feet to massage my ewe.

And…I am…as far as I’m concerned…DONE WITH REWRITING MY NOVEL!

Now, I’m in the land of writing query letters. And suddenly my voice sounds like the voice of that dude that speaks during the movie trailers. You know, deep confident voice dude that is just a deep confident disembodied voice, unattached to a head.

My queries begin like this:

This is a love story, a quirky offbeat love story about Korean Americans, Korean American vampires living in Los Angeles, after the Riots of 1992, living in a pre-Y2K Los Angeles, YEAH.

This is a war story, a love war story with some romance, about Americans of Korean descent, realizing that the only AMERICAN DREAM is the one they can create for themselves–THE KOREAN AMERICAN DREAM. The protagonist is a cello player, a very handsome cello player, who must use music to heal his wounds, his war wounds, his immigrant wounds, HIS WOUNDS AND THE WOUNDS OF HIS ANCESTORS!


I can’t hear my own voice. All I can hear is the sound of mittens falling to the ground.

The SmartWool is bulkier but more natural than the Polartec. But the Polartec is so lightweight, so much synthetically-“smarter.” It also washes very well.

4 thoughts on “This Year I Rewrite My Novel???Part XXIII, Your Wounds and the Wounds of Your Ancestors.

  1. Oh my god, I love this query letter and the novel I glimpse through it. Explain, though, to a dim offworld poet: are query letters written in search of an agent, or a first read from a publisher proper?

    PS, Congrrrrratulations on finishing plastic surgery on your baby!

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