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Kenyon Review
May/June 2016

Volume XXXVIII | Number 3

Selections from our latest issue available now:
Poetry from the special Nature’s Nature feature by Melissa Ginsburg, Laura Kasischke, Benjamin Landry, and Philip Metres
And a story by Gregory Spatz


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Two Poems

By Catherine Pierce

From The Compendium of Romantic Words: Howl

Verb; noun. Notable for its compact muscularity,
as a wolf’s haunches double up to spring
and then the red carnage. The word looks like
the open mouth that sings it, and an open mouth
is, of course, an infini entendre of possibility.



By Elvis Bego

Listen, it was in his twenty-seventh year that my poor brother Gael—the red sheep of the family, which is why Papa had sent him up the mountain to think some more of it all in the divided house of our…


Women’s Hour, YMCA

By Rebecca McClanahan

Early morning three times a week we gather at the shallow end, young and old and not-quite-old, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Noreen and Vivian and True Love (yes that’s her true

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Gregory Spatz

Gregory Spatz’s most recent book publications are the novel Inukshuk and short story collection Half as Happy. Recent awards include a 2012 NEA Fellowship in Literature and a Washington State Book Award. He directs and teaches in the MFA program…

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