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Going Home

By Chika Unigwe

Whenever Agu tried to remember the day they fled Jos, he remembered grief: a sadness that his dog could not come with them. He also remembered that they left in the thick of night. He remembered a darkness he could…

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Garret Keizer

Garret Keizer is the author of eight books, the most recent of which is Getting Schooled (Metropolitan, 2014). A contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine, he has also written for Agni, Lapham’s Quarterly, New York Times, and Virginia Quarterly Review. An…

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June 2015

Summer Reading Recommendations from the Kenyon Review!

May 2015

Poetry Editor David Baker on “Why I Chose It,” Fiction Editor Caitlin Horrocks creates a new story out of lines from past pieces, and so much more!

April 2015

Why We Chose It by Caitlin Horrocks, featured fiction and poetry from our archives, and more!

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