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Image as Fishmongers

By Talin Tahajian

I have seen you as fishmongers
in an effort to forget. Twelve of them

selling thick pearls of meat.

All of them are you. Headless

as prawn. Bass filleted & frozen, muscle
grey as dusk. I know what it is like

to lie naked across ice, feel flesh slice.

I pretend to know.



By Beth Bosworth

The Irish boy fell in love the same day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The year was 1941, the month December, the hour a quarter to ten in the morning, just past the heaviest commuter traffic through the station with…


On Tania James and Amina Gautier

By Leland Cheuk

One of the most exciting freedoms that literary fiction offers is the elbow room to blend or hop genres in a single work. David Mitchell comes to mind as an author who seamlessly integrates

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Jaquira Díaz

Jaquira Díaz is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize, the Carl Djerassi Fiction Fellowship from the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, and an NEA Fellowship to the Hambidge Center for the Arts. She’s been awarded fellowships or scholarships from The MacDowell Colony, the…

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