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Kenyon Review
Sept/Oct 2016

Volume XXXVIII | Number 5

Selections from our Poetics of Science issue available now:
Poetry by John James and Clare Rossini
Essays by Helen Rubinstein and Sara Talpos
And an excerpt from a story by Anne Valente


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Extreme Whether: Act I

By Karen Malpede

(The house: a rustic main room in good taste. Nature is all around, almost as if the wooden walls of the house are part of the natural world. On stage left, Annie begins to construct the frog pond. In the house, stage right, John sits in the large chair, reading Rebecca’s lecture. Rebecca is in the kitchen finishing the dishes.)

It was cornstarch.

What if you had a weak heart?


Between Stars

By Benjamin Kolp

My boyfriend and his ex-wife were a one-hit wonder. They are a one-hit wonder. That’s something you are forever. Theirs is a song I know by heart. So do you. They still play it on the radio, and not just…



By Shayla Love

It’s the winter of 1987, and my mother is sitting in her office at the University of Pittsburgh with a Big Mac and an electron density map. It looks like topography, where curvy, concentric lines show the height of mountains…


The Selfish Queen

By Joseph Osmundson

My grandmother died a twentieth-century cancer death. Arijit Guha died in the twenty-first century. I watched him die on Facebook. She was eighty-four. He was thirty-two. I went to college with Arijit in Minnesota, and we knew each other but…

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John James

John James is the author of Chthonic, winner of the 2014 CutBank Chapbook Award. His work appears or is forthcoming in Boston Review, Colorado Review, Gulf Coast, Massachusetts Review, Best New Poets 2013, and elsewhere. He lives in Washington, DC,…

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