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KROnline: July 23, 2014

Poems by Hannah Saiz and Ryan Teitman
Fiction by Hiba Krisht and Sofi Stambo
Jacqueline Kolosov reviews Make Me Do Things by Victoria Redel
Lindsay Turner reviews Jackqueline Frost’s The Antidote


The Kenyon Review Summer 2014

Volume XXXVI | Number 3

Selections from our latest issue available now:

Poems by Allison Hutchcraft and John Kinsella
An excerpt from a story by Adam Peterson,
and an excerpt from David Baker‘s essay “Thresholds” from “A Symposium on Emily Dickinson”

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By Sofi Stambo

Sometimes I see her in Chinatown and follow her for a few blocks. I don’t get closer, because I don’t want to find out that she’s someone else’s grandma. I follow her from afar, so the illusion can last longer.…


What We Are Able to Hold

By Jacqueline Kolosov

Victoria Redel’s sexy, smart Make Me Do Things is grounded in the often artsy, urbane worlds of middle-aged women and men who raise kids, work and work out, desire, and live in places like New York and Provincetown.

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Julie Carr and Jennifer Pap

Julie Carr is the author of six books of poetry, most recently 100 Notes on Violence, RAG, and the forthcoming Think Tank. She is also the author of Surface Tension: Ruptural Time and the Poetics of Desire in Late Victorian…

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